Rules-based firewalling for dummies
For GNU/Linux and BSD Systems
Older News:

[04-30-2000] 1.7 has made it to production grade. Many thanks to all the folks who made suggestions and bug fixes.

[04-28-2000] Terminus has announced that he will be porting these scripts to work with the BSD firewalling tool, ipfw.

[03-07-2000] New beta version!!! Version 1.7 has been streamlined, and autodetects what type of network you're running, all you need to do now to use the default set of rules is to call the script with your interfaces as parameters, and you're in business. Here is a screen shot.

[02-16-2000] I have set up a mailing list for discussing ipchains issues. Send an email to with "subscribe firewall" in the body of the message. If you need help, or can offer help, this is probably the place to go.

[02-29-2000] The whole kit and caboodle has been relocated to to reflect upcoming changes to the Linux firewalling code. I've also changed the links for the books (but you couldn't tell) to go to fatbrain instead of Amazon, in protest of their recent activities on the patent front.

[12-01-1999]: I am currently laying out the groundwork for a book aimed at computer-literate people who are new to linux, and am looking for your input on what your biggest frustrations were as a new linux user. Please send me some e-mail telling me what information and help you would have wanted as a linux newbie but couldn't find. Your input is what will make this book truly useful.

[10-10-1999]: Version 2.0 has been shelved, due to time contraints and the impending release of the 2.4 kernel, which handles all this differently. Rest assured, I will have a script that works with the new kernel. I will also do another release of the ipchains firewall, which will be the final release. It should contain some security and performance enhancements, as well as port forwarding and VPN features.

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Useful Tools:
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IP Fundamentals,
Thomas Maufer
A clear and concise reference to the Internet Protocol and what makes it tick. A must-read for anyone working with IP.

Linux Firewalls,
Robert Ziegler
A perennial favourite of the local LUG, which is also home to the author of the Security HOWTO.

DNS & BIND, 3rd Ed.,
O'Reilly & Associates
Excellent reference on DNS. Useful when setting up your own caching nameserver in conjunction with your firewall.

Practical Unix & Internet Security
O'Reilly & Associates
A comprehensive guide to security under Unix, from the fundamentals, to handling incidents.

Internet Security: Firewall Principles ISEC07E
Interactive training course on firewall principles.

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